Monday, 26 December 2005

christmas past,tense present but bright future

My return from Kuantan was the same as most of the trip.SLEEEEPP,Its like a weird hangover.The Beachside where a dense forest met the roaring sea was really relaxing and otherworldly,but i truly disliked wastin my time sleepin like tat.And eating and movie marathons.The place was called Teluk Chempedak and when my dad saw the signboard(Chempedak 2KM) he announced "Cempedak 2KG more!" immediately,we the pack of fatseekers searched for a fruits hawker stall.PIG!watched movies-(good ones=Equilibrium*,Elektra,Van Helsing,National Treasure,Cursed).
So I went to christmas past and looked thru my sms inbox.really wanna thank everyone who sent nice messages.In fact i wana thank everyone who is my fren simply because you have touched my life in some ways.Now back in the present,everything seems tense because im about to decide on my future course.I can feel my world vibrating.But still i feel a bright future where i shall b famous,successful n happy!In a Chatroom with Leon,Serene,Manda,Rick.We've come to a conclusion that SANTA Is EVIL!Think about it!Why does he wear a red suit?I think that It was white and now its covered in blood!Rudolph's nose is just stained with blood from the last corpse it ate!Santa's fat belly is due to the many chilren he ate.He lives in the north pole so the flesh stays fresh.He puts bait under ur tree after he sneaks in thru the chimney.Only evil needs to move about at nite and enter ur hse thru such sneaky ways.~Santa=Satan~ santa claus=Satan you better watch out,you better not cry,cuz santa's coming tonite..BWAHAAHHA put out cookies n milk with RAT POISON!

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