Tuesday, 3 January 2006

New Year's Springwater

So on the 28th of Dec I celebrated Cyn's Bday at this steamboat buffet in SS2.such a cheap buffet man.And for New Year it was in Tropicana with Tim Cyn Rick and families.So It was rather Nice having ppl i know around me.At first Cynthia wanted me to go to Church! i glared at her.In my mind it was like "the Big Ben's hands was nearing Midnite,Everyone on the streets was glamourous and partying hard-Woosh-KLCC was brightly lit n ppl holding hands singing Auld Lang Syne,waiting for superb fireworks.- woosh-All around the world ppl stared with anticipation at the clocks.-woosh-Me n Cyn...in the church..bowing our heads,hands in prayer n havin a moment of silence..tat lasts all nite" snap back.NO!!!Im sooo not gonna spend the last bit of my year like tat.Im goin out in STYLE!And I did.Me n Cyn actually danced on the stage!wahaha it was a fitting blast into the new year.It was also the first time I've ever seen Cyn dance.Then Me Tim n Her posed for Pictures.Our Hobby. I like this pic alot. and this such cuteness! supa kawaii! and Its supposed to tell a story,tat life can be a party but we may forget those who are dear to us.Oh Yess,I've always wondered wat the hell Auld Lang Syne was,the song tat ppl sing at new year "should all acquaitance be forgot n never brought to mind~" It always made me think like what SAI am i singin la.(hokkien SAI=shit).Well Its Scottish,and Literally Auld Lang Syne=Old Long Since or better understood as Old Long Ago,the song is about times gone by.interestin ay? so,one more week to start of college again.Im bracing myself. :bites down teeth,closes eyes...JUMPS!:

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