Wednesday, 4 January 2006

counting down the days

Tick tock,I fear the clock
time slips by and by
All my actions end up as talk
And i do nothing but sigh...
I plan to do an image change.In fact change my life alot.I found out that my soul and personality card is the Chariot,(not like the hit song which i personally dislike)but a card meaning Mastery through change.The 7TH of the Major it kinda connects again with my like for water..always changing forms,and lately i did a "wats ur color" test n it turned out green again.wat r the chances tat the FIRST color i ever saw was green,My fav color was green,my gemstone is emerald,my taurus color is oso green. Anyway-back to da image thing-No more earrings,maybe more glasses,Lose TONS of weight cuz the holidays are goin straight to my ass!,new hairstyle?.I oso plan to be a lot more serious about everything from now on.Oh ya n I've been reading this amzing story tat Yee jenn intro'ed to me.u guys suld totally read too- i wana write jus like tat.but i tink the original idea didnt come from this guy,really admire the guy who came up with the plot. CLICK FOR THE STORY! -vaterunser-

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